Get Access to Trusted Property Information
Get Access to Trusted Property Information

Common FAQs

Account Type FAQs

How do I cancel my NeighborWho subscription?

NeighborWho provides hassle-free cancellation in many easy ways, including:

  • Cancel online by simply emailing [email protected];
  • If you are logged in, click Contact Us, and then select “Cancel My Account”;
  • Cancel using Online Chat;
  • Cancel using our Contact Us form by providing your 9-digit membership ID or the email address you signed up with. We’ve pre-populated the message with a request to cancel;
  • Simply call our customer service line anytime at 1-866-202-7417 and have your 9-digit membership ID handy.

If you need additional assistance, our support team is available from 6:00 AM to 11:30 PM, 7 days a week. If you are unable to reach us by phone, you can also email us with your 9-digit membership ID at [email protected] or by using our Contact Us form. You can find the membership ID in your Welcome New Member email, or in the Account Details section of your NeighborWho account.

How to reset password?

If you have forgotten your password, just click the Forgot password link from the login page on our site or mobile app. You will be prompted to provide the email address associated with your account. Within moments, you should then receive an email with a link that will allow you to reset your password.

If you do not receive the email, or you continue to have trouble logging in, please call Customer Care at 1-866-202-7417, and we will be happy to assist you with logging in.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at [email protected].

What is NeighborWho?

NeighborWho was founded in 2018 to give real estate investors the tools that they need to make educated purchase & sale decisions across the United States. We provide these insights by leveraging a combination of industry leading data providers in addition to public records, then creating proprietary methods to combine the data in a way that’s unique to us and to our customers’ needs. Sign up for NeighborWho today for up-to-date property listings, off-market intelligence, ownership information, and a wealth of historical property data. You must have an active subscription to NeighborWho in order to run searches and view the corresponding reports.

How to cancel the NeighborWho app subscription?

NeighborWho does not currently have a mobile app. For normal account cancellations, please refer to the “How do I cancel my NeighborWho subscription?” FAQ.

How do I access the login page?

You should be able to find a link to the Login screen at the top right corner of the homepage. You can also go directly to this page to log in.

  • After logging in to the NeighborWho product, you can search by clicking on any of the search bar options at the top of the screen.
  • After clicking into any of these search bars, type what you are looking for and click enter.
  • You should get a loading screen and then be taken to either a search results page or a report that contains the results for what you are looking for.

Data Type FAQs

Why can’t I find any results on NeighborWho?

Try checking to see if you are logged into your NeighborWho account. If you are already logged in and still can’t see any search results, try logging out, clearing your browser cache and logging back in. That tends to fix most problems.

If you are having trouble performing a search, please call our Customer Care line at 1-866-202-7417 or email us at [email protected].

Are searches on NeighborWho private?

All NeighborWho searches and reports are confidential. The person you are searching for is never notified.

Does NeighborWho sell my information?

NeighborWho will never sell the personal information you provide to us during sign-up. The data we provide in our reports is obtained through publicly available data sources independent of anything you provide to us. We do not sell information obtained from site cookies.

Where does the information from each section come from?

NeighborWho has multiple data sources that build out our different reports. We invest a considerable amount of time and money acquiring the best possible data for our reports. If there is other information that you would like to see included on NeighborWho reports, you can send us a request at [email protected].

How far back do the NeighborWho reports go?

NeighborWho reports tend to focus on the most recent or relevant information. In some cases the data might go back several years, but not for every report. What you see in each report is typically everything that we have available for that person, property, phone number, or email.

What searches can you do? What’s included?

NeighborWho currently supports a variety of search options including, but not limited to:

  • By full address
  • By name + address
  • By phone number
  • By email
  • By social media handle

Please note that we are constantly adding new search options and functionality to existing search types. If there is a search improvement that you would like to see on NeighborWho, you can send us a request at [email protected].

When I look myself up there are a lot of people with my same name. Why is that?

Our records pull data from public records sources across the entire country. It is possible that you have a common name in the United States and we have data for many other individuals with the same name.

Can I see text messages?

No. We do not show any data related to text messages.

If there is a report for me does this mean I am a criminal?

Absolutely not! NeighborWho pulls together public records data from various sources to generate our Person reports. If you have a report on NeighborWho, that just means that you are a living breathing person and we have public records associated with you.

Plans Type FAQs

Do you offer 1 time searches?

Nope. You must be on an active subscription plan in order to run any search on NeighborWho.

How much does NeighborWho cost?

When you sign up for NeighborWho for the first time, you’re brought to a page with the latest signup deals and offers. We also list all of our current pricing plans here. Sign up today to gain access to property and market insights, as well as learn more about property owners.

How to upgrade

If you need a new subscription tier with more reports/month, you can upgrade within the product in one of two ways:

  1. Go to the My Account page of the Dashboard, and click on the “Upgrade Account” button.
  2. After hitting your monthly limit, you will be redirected to the upgrade page when you try searching again.

If you need additional assistance, our dedicated account reps would be happy to help you choose the best plan for you. Simply call 1-866-202-7417 and let our support team know that you would like to change your plan. We’re available anytime from 6AM to 11:30PM EST.

How to get custom plans

Customer plans are plans that have higher report limits than our current highest plan limit (500 reports per month). You can contact [email protected] to make a request for a new custom plan.

How many reports have I run already?

There is no easy way to see the total number of reports that you have run. If you are trying to figure out how many reports you have run during the current month you can find that information on the My Account tab of the Dashboard.

When does my report limit renew?

  • Your monthly report limit will renew each month of your plan’s term. For example, if you signed up on a ### monthly plan on January 10, your report limit and plan would renew on February 10.
  • If you signed up for a ### 3 month plan on January 10, your report limit would renew each month on the 10th (February 10, March 10) and then your entire plan would renew on April 10 (i.e. you would be billed on April 10 to begin another 3 month plan period).
  • Report counts don’t roll over month over month. Each month your report limit should renew on the renewal date.

Other FAQs

Is NeighborWho a legit site?

Yes! Per the Freedom of Information Act, public agencies are required to allow US residents to access their public information. NeighborWho helps people access public information in a simple way by aggregating and regularly updating it, then compiling it into an easy-to-use report.

Is NeighborWho safe to use?

Absolutely. Your privacy is important to us. NeighborWho compiles our reports from information that is publicly available. We do not go through private data. Any information you personally share with us will not be added to our search results and we do not sell the information you provide to us to third parties. Learn more about our privacy policies on this page. For answers to specific questions, contact us at [email protected].

Is NeighborWho free?

Our services are not free. Traditionally, public records have been maintained by governments and large corporations. While it is publicly available, the data is often hard to find (requiring trips to courthouses for example) and expensive to access (requiring fees for individual records). NeighborWho merges public records into affordable, easy to understand reports. No need to pay hundreds of dollars, visit thousands of county clerks, and search millions of websites to find the public records you need. To use NeighborWho, you can subscribe to a monthly plan in order to access our services. Each month you’ll have access to our various types of searches, which may include home listings, rental listings, properties with foreclosure notices, deed records, ownership history, owner contact information and more.