Get Access to Trusted Property Information
Get Access to Trusted Property Information

NeighborWho Common Questions

NeighborWho helps people search information on properties and property owners. Below, you’ll find answers to the most common questions we get asked about our company and services.

What is NeighborWho?

NeighborWho is a search tool that provides in-depth information on properties and property owners. People can learn more about their own neighborhoods or use our services to scope out new neighborhoods. Per the Fair Credit Reporting Act, NeighborWho is not a consumer reporting agency, but a search tool that compiles public records to create in-depth reports on properties and property owners.

NeighborWho helps people in a variety of cases, from learning more about your own property records to researching your neighborhood or a prospective one. However, there are a few restricted uses, including but not limited to: tenant/employment screening, assessing credit or insurance eligibility and hiring household workers.

Is NeighborWho legit?

Definitely! Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, NeighborWho has access to public records that are aggregated and compiled into in-depth reports for customers. We regularly update our records and you can choose to be notified if additional information is found on previously searched reports.

Is NeighborWho free?

NeighborWho is a paid service. Our mission to make public records affordable and accessible means we customize our pricing to best fit our customers’ needs.

We have two membership plans:

  • The first plan starts at just $1 for a seven-day trial, which includes 50 searches by address (or by owner name, phone number, email address and social media profile).
  • The second membership option includes PDFs and begins at $5 for a seven-day trial. Following the trial period, customers will be billed for the full subscription plan price, which starts at $44.86 per month.

Is NeighborWho a safe site?

Yes! At NeighborWho, we take your privacy seriously. NeighborWho compiles our reports from information that is publicly available. You can learn more on our privacy policy page.

How do I cancel my NeighborWho subscription?

NeighborWho customers always have the option of canceling their subscription at any time. If you’re wondering how to unsubscribe from NeighborWho, you can use our Contact Us form or simply email [email protected] with a cancel your subscription request. If you’d rather speak to a representative, give us a call at our customer support line: {{ }}. Our customer support centers are open daily from 6:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. ET. When you submit a cancellation request, future invoices or bills associated with your unique membership plan will be canceled.

How do I remove my information from NeighborWho?

It’s quick and easy to remove your personal information from NeighborWho. Simply input your name on NeighborWho’s opt-out database, choose your report and follow the instructions to keep your compiled records from appearing in future search results.

Ready to begin with NeighborWho? Head over to NeighborWho’s sign-up page, choose your membership option, and enter your information to get searching!