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Popular Cities in Florida

Look into each city page to learn more about the streets, number of properties and house values.

Number of Properties
Average Property Value
Number of Properties:464,961
Avg. Property Value:$773,314
Number of Properties:360,301
Avg. Property Value:$324,856
Number of Properties:334,972
Avg. Property Value:$862,350
Number of Properties:249,967
Avg. Property Value:$788,414
Number of Properties:216,940
Avg. Property Value:$784,849
Number of Properties:147,550
Avg. Property Value:$630,260
Number of Properties:142,591
Avg. Property Value:$179,061
Number of Properties:133,382
Avg. Property Value:$460,017
Number of Properties:125,213
Avg. Property Value:$133,411
Number of Properties:124,073
Avg. Property Value:$43,506

All Cities in Florida

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