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What is property owner search?

A property owner search may help identify a property and possibly find property record information associated with it. With NeighborWho, it's as simple as typing an address in the search bar. Otherwise, you could spend hours or even days trying to hunt down the same property records.

What are property records?

Property records are legal documents commonly associated with property ownership. Most people think of deeds when they think of property records because deeds record who legally owns a given property. But other records, including liens, taxes, assessments and appraisals, are also considered property records. With a single NeighborWho property owner search, you could discover:

Possible Owners
Possible Residents
Property Details
Building Permits
Market Insights
Property Value
Neighborhood Information

Are property records public?

Yes, they are. Property information is included in public records, meaning anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort to track them down can do so. There's a good reason for this: Property records are often necessary for certain legal and financial matters. For example, if you and your neighbor are in disagreement over whose property a fence rests on, a quick property owners search could help clear things up.

How to find the owner of a property

With NeighborWho, it's simple. Enter a property address into the search bar to start your search. With a database of millions of homeowners and residents, using our service could help you quickly discover the potential current owners of a property.

Conduct a property owner search by address to possibly uncover in-depth property insights. If you don't have the property address but know the owner information, you could also run a property search by owner.

If you choose to look this information up on your own, it largely depends on how public records are stored where you live. Your county, city or town may have digitized public records, but it will still likely mean running searches across several offices (treasurer, assessor, etc.) to find what you are looking for. In some cases, the physical records are stored at your local courthouse or recordkeeping office. You'll have to pay a visit and likely be charged for each copy, which could add up.

Who should use property owner lookup?

Almost anyone could have a good reason to search property owners at some point, but the most common users include:

Real estate agents

Leads are the name of the game in real estate, and there's no better tool for lead generation than a search that puts millions of properties and their owners at your fingertips. Build a list of potential future clients or use the owner contact information for marketing outreach for properties you currently represent.


For those looking to maximize ROI, a property owner name search is great for identifying hidden gems that aren't necessarily listed for sale. Identifying a property's legal owner and reaching out could be the first steps in finding the deal of a lifetime. Whether you're a landlord, wholesaler or part of an investment group, a property owner search is an invaluable tool.


Whether it's a new home purchase or an equity line of credit, an accurate appraisal is crucial in making homeowner dreams come true. NeighborWho property owner search makes finding comparable properties and accurate market value estimates easy.

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What is NeighborWho?

NeighborWho was founded in 2018 to give real estate investors the tools that they need to make educated purchase & sale decisions across the United States. We provide these insights by leveraging a combination of industry leading data providers in addition to public records, then creating proprietary methods to combine the data in a way that's unique to us and to our customers' needs. Sign up for NeighborWho today for up-to-date property listings, off-market intelligence, ownership information, and a wealth of historical property data. You must have an active subscription to NeighborWho in order to run searches and view the corresponding reports.