Getting a child to clean their room isn’t easy, and as your kid begins collecting an increasingly large collection of toys, stuffed animals, art supplies, and clothes, you may find yourself at a loss for how to keep it all neat and tidy for more than a day. You can only buy so many bins and crates before you run out of space. So if you’re a parent who’s running out of storage ideas, here are a few easy DIY projects to help you organize that mess!

1. Repurpose coffee cans

You can give those large coffee canisters a second life with just a pair of scissors, some colored paper, glue or tape, and some markers. Cover up the label with paper and create a whole new container. These can be used to store items like crayons, Matchbox cars, doll clothes, legos, and so much more! This is a pretty easy DIY project that can be done with your child.

2. Use Legos to organize a desk

Whether your child has a set of Legos or a crate full of them, you can easily use a few to make a desk organizer of any size. Assemble the Legos in the shape of a pen cup and seal the pieces together with super glue. Get creative and ask for their help to come up with fun, colorful designs with the pieces!

3. Old planters make great storage

Do you have old, rusty planters you don’t have a use for, and that are just gathering dust in your garage? If so, you’re in luck. You can easily repair, paint, and hang them on your child’s walls for easy storage space. Put your kid’s stuffed toys in them, so they’re always in view and easily reachable.

4. Make a hanging bed organizer

Did you know that old quilts can make great bedside storage spaces in just a few steps? Fold a quarter of the quilt over, length-wise, and sew along the crease. Then, sew over the folded part of the quilt vertically to form pockets. Tuck the loose half of the quilt under your child’s bed and you have the perfect place to store books and other knick knacks they like to play with before their bedtime.

5. No closet? No problem

Whether your child’s closet is on the smaller side or if it’s entirely non-existent, this storage hack can make hanging clothes a possibility. With two pieces of ribbon, hooks, and a fake tree branch (you may find these at a crafts store), create a hanging rack that’s not just functional, but aesthetically pleasing, too.

6. Chalkboard paint can go a long way

While chalkboard paint may not be a storage hack, it can help you label existing bins, boxes, hooks, and shelves more easily. If you’re feeling particularly creative, apply the chalkboard paint to a hard surface that you can then frame for a fancy touch.

A corkboard, a clothesline, thumbtacks, and clothespins may be exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re a parent who has no clue what to do with your kid’s artwork (and if your fridge is running out of space), a small investment in these craft items can solve the problem. String the clothesline across the cork board and hang up those works of art that you’re so proud of!

8. Shoe hangers don’t just have to be for shoes

Use shoe hangers with plastic pockets to create extra storage solutions for your child’s toys. These hangers fit snuggly behind doors, and can hold any number of items, from dolls to toy cars.

9. Turn milk crates into shelves

Glue colorful milk crates together to form cubbies for toys, books, and even small bins – just don’t forget to secure the crates to the wall for safety!

10. Magnetic strips

Screw magnetic strips to the wall for a hassle-free way to keep small, magnetic toys out of the way, yet still in plain view. That way, you’re not stepping all over them as soon as you enter your child’s room!

These are just a few storage hacks and solutions you may be able make yourself, in the comfort of your own home. The possibilities are endless, but the most important part of any project is to just have fun doing them!

Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.