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Popular Cities in Mississippi

Look into each city page to learn more about the streets, number of properties and house values.

Number of Properties
Average Property Value
Number of Properties:74,301
Avg. Property Value:$14,595
Number of Properties:41,457
Avg. Property Value:$17,102
Number of Properties:33,712
Avg. Property Value:$20,964
Number of Properties:27,236
Avg. Property Value:$21,992
Number of Properties:25,599
Avg. Property Value:$19,369
Number of Properties:25,104
Avg. Property Value:$18,412
Number of Properties:24,303
Avg. Property Value:$22,927
Number of Properties:24,105
Avg. Property Value:$17,191
Number of Properties:23,826
Avg. Property Value:$14,218
Number of Properties:22,296
Avg. Property Value:$16,218

All Cities in Mississippi

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