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Number of Properties
Average Property Value
Number of Properties:229,840
Avg. Property Value:$524,548
Number of Properties:78,015
Avg. Property Value:$889,572
Number of Properties:45,671
Avg. Property Value:$842,762
Number of Properties:45,060
Avg. Property Value:$1,303,590
Number of Properties:35,950
Avg. Property Value:$475,231
Number of Properties:35,861
Avg. Property Value:$1,307,995
Number of Properties:35,412
Avg. Property Value:$578,573
Number of Properties:34,289
Avg. Property Value:$891,913
Number of Properties:32,901
Avg. Property Value:$1,353,162
Number of Properties:31,278
Avg. Property Value:$331,896

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