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Popular Cities in Georgia

Look into each city page to learn more about the streets, number of properties and house values.

Number of Properties
Average Property Value
Number of Properties:260,404
Avg. Property Value:$290,475
Number of Properties:108,209
Avg. Property Value:$141,355
Number of Properties:97,609
Avg. Property Value:$187,943
Number of Properties:76,891
Avg. Property Value:$117,229
Number of Properties:75,286
Avg. Property Value:$80,984
Number of Properties:67,760
Avg. Property Value:$103,954
Number of Properties:66,385
Avg. Property Value:$103,734
Number of Properties:65,252
Avg. Property Value:$143,778
Number of Properties:61,340
Avg. Property Value:$93,278
Number of Properties:61,091
Avg. Property Value:$271,480

All Cities in Georgia

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