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Popular Cities in Arizona

Look into each city page to learn more about the streets, number of properties and house values.

Number of Properties
Average Property Value
Number of Properties:432,256
Avg. Property Value:$54,210
Number of Properties:316,126
Avg. Property Value:$26,601
Number of Properties:178,580
Avg. Property Value:$36,632
Number of Properties:143,388
Avg. Property Value:$86,540
Number of Properties:91,688
Avg. Property Value:$55,105
Number of Properties:87,539
Avg. Property Value:$51,580
Number of Properties:86,552
Avg. Property Value:$233,413
Number of Properties:66,347
Avg. Property Value:$62,831
Number of Properties:56,671
Avg. Property Value:$26,828
Number of Properties:55,823
Avg. Property Value:$68,543

All Cities in Arizona

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