What Are The Fastest Growing Metro Areas In The U.S.?

What Are The Fastest Growing Metro Areas In The U.S.?

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With and increasing number of job, recreational, and housing opportunities out there, people are finding more suitable places for them to work and settle down. Some of these places are up-and-coming, and don’t necessarily have the same kind of mass appeal that cities like New York or Boston do. But each place on 2017’s list of fastest growing metro areas in the United States has a lot to offer and clearly caters to specific groups of people and their needs, whether it be millennials looking to buy their first home, families looking for a change of pace, or folks who are looking for new job opportunities.

Boise, Idaho

Boise, Idaho, has made its way all the way up to number one on this list of the fastest-growing metro areas in the U.S. In 2017, Boise’s population grew at a whopping rate of 3.08 percent. To match the growing population, jobs also increased at the rate of 3.58 percent last year, and it looks as if it will continue increasing, albeit more modestly. It also seems that Boise has been benefiting from tech dislocation: companies who are getting priced out of places like San Francisco are looking for more affordable alternatives. This city is also considered to be very family friendly, so it has become very popular with families, especially those with young children!

Seattle, Washington

The population of Seattle, Washington, increased at a rate of 1.97 percent in the past year – not an insignificant amount, though not as much as Boise’s population. This is also a city that has seen the amount of jobs grow at a rate of 2.62 percent last year. The city benefits from being located between two bodies of water, which prevent the area from becoming too hot or too cold. Winters in this city can be very wet and rainy, but the summers are warm. Seattle is also close to the Canadian border, so it is relatively easy to take day trips to our neighbor to the north.

Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas has been known to attract both domestic and international migrants and 2017’s influx of people caused the metro area’s population to grow at the rate of 1.79 percent. Job growth kept up the pace with the area’s population growth at the rate of 3.23 percent the same year. Furthermore, many companies are making Dallas their home, so there are plenty of opportunities to find a job that isn’t far from home.

Orlando, Florida

Like the previous cities on this list, Orlando’s population and job opportunities grew: the population grew at a rate of 2.41 percent last year. Orlando’s professional, scientific and technology positions grew 8.2 percent during the same time period. Orlando is a place that is considered to have a lot of potential: not only is it great for adults, but is also a great city for children (theme parks like Walt Disney World provide endless entertainment). It is also home to several tech and automobile companies. The area also attracts a large number of retirees who decide to settle there every year.

Other areas included on the list of the fastest-growing metro areas in the United States include the Fort Worth, Las Vegas, and Nashville Metropolitan Statistical areas.

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