Remodeling Your Home? Here Are 2019's Top Design Trends You Need To Try

Remodeling Your Home? Here Are 2019's Top Design Trends You Need To Try

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It’s a new year and time to give your home a fresh new look. Over the last few years, we’ve seen trends explode onto the scene. These have included floral patterns, ultraviolet shades, and unicorn-inspired holographic accents. With so many competing ideas, it can be hard to know where to start creating a clean and thought-out design or layout. The good news is that 2019’s up-and-coming trends are a little more understated. Here are six that you can mix and match to create a timeless, yet modern look that may still be in style in the years to come.

Color Play

One shade that is increasing in popularity this year is a deep, forested green hue. This shade works very well for accent pieces in home decor like table runners, throw pillows, and drapes. You can play around with contrast by pairing a warmer toned dark green with a cooler, brighter color.

What about for your walls? It’s important to choose the right paint color for each room. One key to remember here is balance. Using too much of a dark shade can make a room look dim or smaller, but this dark green color lends itself well to stripes or as an accent pattern in wallpaper.

Statement Making Ceilings

Colorful patterned walls may get all the hype, but designers are exploring new frontiers by looking up – literally! Chances are, your rooms’ ceilings are blank canvases ready to be turned into stylish statements. Contrasting shades, bold stripes, and intricate patterns all work to draw the eye upward. This can create visual interest, an opulent feel, and make the room seem both brighter and larger. Remember to keep the walls a little simpler if you have a highly detailed ceiling.

Brass and Tin

For years, stainless steel has been the go-to metal for trendy accents. Change is coming in 2019. Two metals that are gaining in popularity are tin and brass. They both bring a different look to the room. Tin is similar to steel, giving rooms a cool shine without too much intensity. It also works well for stamped panels on the roof or backsplashes. Meanwhile, brass has a vintage gaslight-inspired vibe. This warmer toned metal is fantastic for rustic or cozy spaces. However, be aware that it’s softer. Brass may not hold up to constant use for fixtures like doorknobs.

Pattern Revolutions

Are you looking to update your rug, furniture, or drapes? Patterns are going to be big this year! The newest trend is to mix contrasting shapes and colors. This creates a fresh and interesting look.

A few ideas include rarely paired colors like pink and brown or mixing bold stripes with leopard print. The key here is balance. Try a bright color with a neutral one or an edgy pattern mixed with something more demure, like stripes.


Here’s a twist no one saw coming: concrete inside the house?! It’s true! Designers are embracing this material and updating it for the home. You’ll see it being used for tiles, countertops, and even tables. The best part of concrete is that it’s an inexpensive and durable material that can offer a wide variety of looks. With the right application, your house will look clean and modern without a trace of a cold industrial feel.

Vintage Light Fixtures

If brass and tin weren’t enough, designers are also looking to the past for lighting solutions. Everything from 70s style recessed lighting to Titanic-era chandeliers are making a comeback. You can find modern versions of these in hardware stores or hit the antique store circuit for the real deal.

This is one of the most accessible trends. If you don’t want to change the entire lamp, just update the shade to give the space some vintage magic. When paired with modern bulbs, these let you enjoy dimmers, tinted lighting, or natural spectrum illumination.

This coming year in home decorating is going to be a great one for people who like to experiment with colors and patterns without going overboard. Many of the upcoming design trends are actually a nod to bygone eras, but updated for modern sensibilities. With an eye toward balance and proportion, you can experiment with a number of these trends. This will help you give your home a look that’s both comfortably grounded and still creative!

Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.