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Court Runner Service

In addition to property records, NeighborWho has access to criminal records from thousands of jurisdictions around the United States. But some records aren't digitized yet because they're new, and in other cases, the specific county might not offer digital records at all. For situations like these, we offer a separate court runner service. Below is an introduction to how it works.

What is a court runner?

A court runner is a real live person who goes directly to the courthouse and pulls the actual public files of any court record. This service falls outside of our huge database of public records since many records have yet to be digitized. Fortunately, our network makes it easy for you to take advantage of this great resource

Why use NeighborWho's court runner service?

Believe it or not, there are still many counties who haven’t yet made their records digitally available - and therefore won’t be found in our criminal records database. Consequently, NeighborWho lets you send a live court runner directly to the county courthouses you select, to obtain the most recent files or records within the past seven years on any individual. If there are criminal court records you know exist but were not returned in your report, or if you just want to find out for sure whether somebody has a record, you can send a court runner to obtain some of the information you need.

Without the court runner resource, you would have to actually go to the court yourself, which can be intimidating and difficult to navigate for most. And if you don’t go to the court yourself, there is little else you can do to obtain that elusive information.

Think of these court runners as those who are prepared and experienced in getting their proverbial hands dirty, can adeptly dig through the files and ultimately retrieve the information for you. All you have to do is sit back, relax and not experience the headache that routinely accompanies court research. What could be better than that?

Are there additional costs for court runners?

Sending a court runner is a premium service available to all of our customers, allowing you to send a real person, and an expert in pulling filings, to the courthouse to locate the records you request.

There are additional costs associated with this premium service. Typically, a request to a county criminal court is $19.95, plus any additional court fees associated with that court. These secondary administrative costs are determined by each individual county, and may vary from $0.00 all the way to $50.

However, most fall into the $10 range.

Once you select the county you want, our application will inform you of the price. Of course you will see this cost before making a final decision to move forward with your order. Note that NeighborWho does not mark up the county administrative cost.

Court runner purchases are non-refundable.

What happens once I order the records?

Our expert court runners head to the courthouse and perform the search for you. Keep in mind that, although this is an in-depth search, it only goes back seven years. Once the court runner finds your desired information, it will be relayed back to us. We will then email you as soon as the records have been uploaded. From there, you can access and print your up-to-date county court records.

When will I receive my requested records?

Most court runner requests are completed within two to four business days, depending on the county. Our court runners begin working on your request immediately, to return your results as quickly as possible, but we are sometimes dependent upon the court’s record search procedures, possible holidays, the courthouse’s hours of operation and other local factors at play in that county. There are many counties who provide online access to their full records, and requests can be returned within one business day, while other counties require a court clerk to perform all searches, putting some at the mercy of the court!

Some counties complete their clerk searches more quickly than others, depending on the court’s hours, staffing and how the records are archived. Clerk searches in Nevada counties, for example, are typically returned within 8-10 business days, while counties in Maine are returned within 10-20 business days. Merrimack county in New Hampshire can take 25-30 business days to return the results, but that is by no means standard. In any event, you will be notified by email as soon as your request is complete, and the results will be available in your account. If you have questions about a specific county you’d like to request from, feel free to contact us for more information.

What kind of records will be returned?

If you requested records from a county criminal court, we will return any felony and misdemeanor convictions, going back at least 7 years. Our researcher will return a case abstract of any convictions in the selected county, for that individual. Felony crimes tend to be more serious and are generally crimes where the court can order a prison or jail sentence with a length of at least a year and a day. Misdemeanors are lesser crimes that result in a lighter jail sentence in county jail, or no sentence at all, or a sentence with fees attached to them such as court costs, fines or restitution payments. In both felony and misdemeanor crimes, the judge may order monetary damages as part of the penalty. Please keep in mind that our runners go to county criminal courts and not to civil court. Therefore a court runner request will not return marriage or divorce records, civil court cases, birth or death records, etc.

Are traffic violations included?

In some counties or courts, traffic violations or specific traffic violations are considered civil records. In the event a traffic violation is considered a civil record, you will not receive this information.

Are arrest records also included?

No. Arrests are done by the police, so arrest records are available only from local police departments.

What information is included?

We attempt to obtain any combination of the following:

  • Date of offense
  • File date
  • Disposition date
  • Charge
  • Charge level (felony, misdemeanor, traffic, etc.)
  • Sentencing information

Do you report pending records?

Criminal records that are still pending are generally available, but this is not always the case, as each court’s policies may vary. If a pending record is available, we will report it along with any available information. This may include:

  • Next court date
  • Pending charges
  • Last pending action

How do I view the results?

If you have received an email notifying you that your request for records is complete, you can click the link provided in your email, to bring you right into the report in your account, where you had initially submitted your court runner request. Or you can just log into your account, click to view the report from your recent activity, and click court runners from the report navigation menu. From the completed reports tab, click to view report.

Why were no records found?

Our court researchers have access to records going back seven years in all counties, and even further back in some counties. If the record you were looking for is dated over seven years ago, that may be why our researchers were unable to retrieve it.

Criminal records are listed with full name and date of birth. Please make sure you submitted your request with the correct date of birth, and the correct full name. Sometimes court records are under maiden or married names, or other aliases.

Each time we dispatch a court runner to a different county court, it is a separate request. If we did not return a record you were expecting to find, please make sure you requested records from the appropriate county and the appropriate court.

If the case was an arrest or did not result in a conviction, this is another reason it may not have been returned.

Still need help?

Criminal records and court runners can be complex and confusing. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our support team.