Whether you’re spending time with friends and family or having a big, blowout barbecue in your backyard, there are countless ways you can show your pride and love for your country. It’s common for many homeowners to display the American flag outside their houses, but there’s so much more you can do! Regardless of your plans, you can show your patriotic side this Independence Day with a few easy and budget-friendly touches that are sure to impress your friends.

1- Add Americana symbols throughout your home.

America is more than its flag, and if you want to show off both your love for and your knowledge about all things United States, fill your home with easily identifiable symbols for freedom, the country’s history, and even your region. If you live in New England, for example, you can easily incorporate nautical symbols into your decor, such as a ship wheel. If you’re located in the American Southwest, representations of horses and ranch life are key. Pick up some extra pillows to create a color scheme in your home, and if you’re a dedicated decorator, try finding some patriotic memorabilia to add to your home’s interior. Finally, if you’re from a military family, let your neighbors know that you and your relatives are dedicated to keeping our country safe!

2- Invest in wall color and furniture.

If you want to feel patriotic all year long and are in the process of renovating your home, try playing with the colors of your walls. Not everyone likes a red, white, and blue color scheme, though, and that’s okay! You can subtly display your pride by picking colors close to the flag’s colors. For example, you can paint a single wall in your living room a deep blue, leave the rest of the walls white, and add some pink accents (such as chairs or ornaments like vases). There are many combinations you can play around with, so it’s up to you to find the one that fits your style best!

3- Revamp your guest bedroom.

If you’re not yet willing to totally renovate your house’s decor, focus on the guest bedroom if you’re having friends or family staying with you. Invest in dark blue sheets, red pillows or pillow cases, and white towels. But don’t stop there — check out how else you should prepare for a guest’s arrival by reading our handy guide!

4- Incorporate flowers into your decor.

For a temporary way to show off your patriotism, buy some red, white, and blue flowers and add them to your common space. Your guests will know that you prepared for the holiday, and the flowers may add a pleasant, soothing smell to your home! If you’re feeling particularly crafty, and if you have kids, you can paint the American flag on flower pots or clay vases.

5- DIY tealight holders

For this project, all you need is a few mason jars, uncooked rice, and food dye. Dye portions of rice red and blue, and layer them with undyed rice. Place a tealight on top, and you have a great way to create a peaceful ambiance, especially if you plan on spending time outdoors!

Of course, these aren’t the only ways you can be patriotic this Independence Day. There are many ways you can show your love for America’s values that don’t include decor: volunteer at your nearest soup kitchen, vote in your local elections, and just be a good neighbor!

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